How do I get people to visit my site?

1. Visit each of the major search engines that you know about, and submit your URL. Most of these sites have a link called “submit your site,” (or something like that) — just click on the link and follow the directions. For the most part, the links are not placed prominently or noticeably — you will probably have to look for them. Some popular search engines include:

* Yahoo
* Google
* Lycos
* Alta Vista
* Northern Lights
* Dogpile

2. To make your site easier for the search engines to crawl and classify, consider adding some META tags to your index page. You can add general keywords that you think would interest people, and a short description.

META tags go between the and tags in your HTML code. META tags for a site about your Indonesian restaurant might look something like this:

The “keywords” tag gives the search engine a way to classify your page. The “description” gives the search engine something coherent to put in the blurb that visitors will see on the search page, rather than the first few words that appear on the page, which would appear there by default.

3. Keyword your pages and add them to the NDN Keywords index!