Glossary of some terminology used in DataLockBox backup system

Disk Safe:

Data on the backup server is stored in Disk Safe storage format. This on-disk format enables the backup Server to archive point-in-time recovery images for long periods of time using as little disk space as possible. The backup server then periodically connects to the backup Agent program (buagent) on the server/host being beacked up and synchronizes changed disk sectors to the backup server.The point-in-time images are called Recovery Points and are stored in a Disk Safe.

Disk Safe Browser

The Disk Safe Browser allows you to browse your Disk Safes, Devices, and Backup Images in a file system tree.

A Host is a computer running a backup Agent-buagent. A Host is any computer that is being backed up by the backup Server and could be a desktop PC or a “server.”

Incremental Backup
An Incremental Backup is a Backup method where multiple Backups are kept (not just the last one). These Backups will be Incremental if each original piece of backed up information is stored only once. Successive Backups will only contain the information that changed since the previous Backup.

A Device is a Partition on a Host eligible for Backups. For example, on a Linux Host a Device might look like /dev/sda1.

Files Restore
The Restore Files Task restores a set of selected files and directories. You can Restore files from the Disk Safe Browser.

Rotation Policy
Each scheduled Backup Task can have an associated Rotation Policy. When defining a Backup Task, you can specify how many Incrementals to keep. The Rotation Policy Task will look at all other Incremental Backups created by the same scheduled Task and delete the oldest Incrementals until only the last X Incrementals remain as defined in the Backup Task.

Host Discovery Task
Adds a new Host to the Backup System and discovers Devices/partitions available for Backup.

Host Log Cleanup Task
Deletes old Log Messages.

Partition Table Backup Task
A sub-Task of Backup responsible for backing up the MBR (Master Boot Record) and Partition Table for a Device.

Restore Files Task
Restores a set of selected files and directories.

Rotation Policy Task
A Task launched by a Backup Task that decides if and which Incremental’s (Recovery Points) should be deleted to satisfy Backup retention policies.

Test Agent Task
Tests connectivity between the backup Server and host Agent.