How do I provide streaming – Audio / Video ?

We DO NOT have Real Audio server software running on our servers. However, you can stream Real Media files by following these instructions:

You will need to create a .ram file that calls your real audio/video file. The .ram file is a text file with an absolute URL. This URL will need to be:

Typically you’ll create a realaudio file subdirectory under “public_html” or “www”, and put all your audiofiles there. E.g. “/public_html/music_files/”

Then your .ram file, a.k.a., metafile, will contain an address with this format:

The “subdirectory” is a subdirectory of your domain-www directory.

So for example:

The above address goes in the .ram/metafile, not in your HTML code. Your HTML code calls the .ram/metafile. Then the .ram/metafile is used to call up the .rm/realmedia file. So for example, your HTML code would look something like this: